I have a crazy charm. I always had a charm, but I was at my peak in 1748 when the Prince of Conti entrusted my embellishment to Contant d’Ivry: two small projecting wings came to soften my central body and elegant doors in semicircular were pierced on the steps of the main courtyard. I received the Countess de Boufflers, favorite of the Prince de Conti, with her most prestigious friends, Diderot, d’Alembert, Rousseau, Buffon, Grimm. Everyone liked to come to Stors, who to botanize, who to philosophize, who to eat well!

When the revolution broke out Conti sold me six years ago to his cousin Louis the sixteenth. From royal domain I become national domain and it is Mr. and Mrs. Ardant who buy me in 1798 with the chapel Marie-Madeleine of Stors.

Madam Ardant, of perfect education, will do a lot for my park. On their death, I am sold to the third Duke of Valmy which gives me a staircase double revolution. In 1860, Valmy prefers to stay in Paris and sells me to Les Chevreux. Their little daughter Madeleine (to the despair of Ampere son) Gustave Lannes de Montebello ambassador of France to Saint Petersburg, who repeatedly invites the Romanov family to hunt in Stors. The tzarine fell under the spell of my orchids and Gustave has it delivered by private wagon so that it can bloom its tables in Saint Petersburg.

The shadows of these famous people shuddered in August 1944 when the bombardment of our allies partially destroyed me, also damaging my park. Sixty years of abandonment followed. Looting and vandalism disfigured me but finally a family of enthusiasts dared to take up the challenge: restore me. Long-term work, fifteen years will be necessary to my rebirth, but already I feel that I am much better and my heart beats again since I speak to you.